Tuesday, May 15, 2012

2012 May 15

Today, Tuesday, is a day off for both Ella and I.  We normally don't babysit Tuesdays.  This was a scheduled work day for me, however I had an MRI at the VA Hospital this morning so asked Jack to take my place.  I had substituted for him a week ago last Sunday so this just gets our hours back inline for payroll.
My leg is really aching now.  It didn't like being straightened with the knee unsupported for the half hour in the chucked-chucked machine.
At least I didn't have to have my head and shoulders inside the blasted contraption like I did before my back surgery.  I'm a BIG guy ... over six feet and nearly three hundred pounds ... and I had to squeeze into that tiny tube with one arm over my head, otherwise my shoulders wouldn't have fit.  Owww.

Here are Ella and I waiting for me to go into the MRI.  Notice the 'lovely decor" behind us.  The hospital is doing reconstruction and whole sections of it are draped it plastic or covered with plywood.   Hmmm?  I wonder how MRI machines like dust?

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