Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2012 May 16 - Wednesday

 Today, being Wednesday, was pancake day with our great granddaughters.  Funny, I made pancakes for their breakfast one Wednesday and it became a ritual. So, every Wednesday (nearly) morning we arrive at the grandson's around six thirty and I whip up a bunch of 'silver dollar' pancakes before the girls get up.  The pancakes were originally used as a 'lure' to get them up and it still works.
Charlotte's friend, Madeline now comes over in the mornings and I take her and Charlotte to school together.  So, this morning she had pancakes also.
After Bible Study I go back to the grandson's and watch Lorelia until someone (Nate, Beth or Beth's mom) comes to watch them.
Today Ella is working at the Clubhouse from five to eight and I have a Worship Committee meeting to attend.
For being retired, we sure keep busy.

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