Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2012 June 26

Great granddaughter, Lorelei, knocking pollen off the Poppy flower. And then trying to fix the broken bubble wand.  I love the way she says "probably".

I tried something different for lunch.
I rolled some string cheese into some thin sliced ham and then fried it just long enough to 'seal' the ham slice.  The girls ate them.  I think that they might work for hors dourves if they were sliced.

We had the great granddaugters today until after Daddy's surgery.  Charlotte and I spent some time reading the Sunday Funnys and then several Dr Sues books.  We've been reading "Oh Say Can You Say" which is full of tongue twisters.  We take turns reading the different pages as fast as we can without mistakes ... it always leads to giggles.

Grandma and the girls went swimming for a couple hours while I was working on a few things on the computer and also scrubbing applesauce out of the carpet (don't ask).

I worked from three thirty until a little after 9 p.m.  I'll be glad when the holiday is over.  It's not that so many people checked into the resort this afternoon/evening ... it's that they all came at once.

Grandson is home and resting ... maybe not so comfortably ... but he has some little girls to be his helpers for a while.  Charlotte got to 'babysit' Daddy for a while this afternoon when Beth, Lorelei and William went to the pharmacy for Daddy's prescriptions.  I think she took th
e job very seriously.

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