Monday, June 25, 2012

I cried today.

I cried today.  I stopped at our mailbox at UPS and dropped of some bills and checked the box.  Just a few items, a credit card offer, a bill for something that I’ve recently paid, and a Father’s Day Card from Arik and family. The card read:
            “Happy Father’s Day, Dad!
            I crawled into bed with Beket last night when I came home.
            He was already asleep since I came home so late.  I realized
            that there would be many times like that.  Ones I would
            treasure but the kids would probably not remember.  They
            would be loved and cared for and supported but much of
            it would happen without their recognition.
            So thanks.
            Thanks for coming home late from work because you were
            supporting the family.  Thanks for the quiet, behind the scenes
            love, care and support that I don’t remember and probably
            never noticed.  I notice now.
            I love you Dad.”

Today was a day off from work forboth Ella and I.  Plus we had no great grandkids to watch.  So I took some pictures of our flowers.

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