Saturday, September 1, 2012

Eggs to order breakfast at Cutty's Des Moines Camping Resort

The last "eggs to order" breakfast at Cutty's this year.
Tomorrow we will have "all you can eat pancakes and French toast".  And on Memorial Day we will have "Huge breakfast burritos"  Our last three community breakfasts this year.  We still have one community meal planned, a "Chili Cookoff" dinner scheduled for a week from today.  There may be some community campfires in the fall also.

Breakfast started at eight and has been fairly steady.
However, now that there are only 15 minutes left, the 
crowds are starting to show up.  I have gotten to know
so many people here, through this community meals.
I hope that when we find a place to anchor for the 
winter in Texas, that we can find the same kind of

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