Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wednesday, Thursday Oct 31 to Nov 01

            31st Happy Halloween! Wednesday:  This morning I took the sticky buns, that Ella made, for the guys to have with their coffee.  They enjoyed them enough that they said they were going to come down to our trailer and push the slide-out back in and then pull it our again.  I told them if they promised to NOT do that, I’d see about getting some more sticky rolls made.
            The rest of the day was taken up with some lite household chores.  I cleaned out a drawer that we had started using for office type stuff.  You know, paper, tape, rulers, staplers, paper clips etc.  Well, as I said the that was what we intended the drawer to be for.  However, over time, it had become the junk drawer.  Yep!  That drawer where you put everything that didn’t have a place.  Everything in its place is great … when there is a place for it.  So I determined to make a place for everything that wasn’t ‘office stuff’.  Amazingly, what I found was that about a quarter of the stuff crammed into that drawer could be thrown away.  The rest I sorted into categories like: toolbox, electronics, paperwork, and batteries … oh yes … batteries.  We should never have to buy another AA or AAA battery in our lives.  Why?  Why did we keep buying bulk packs of those two sizes of batteries?  Right off the top of my head I can’t think of ANYTHING that we own that uses AA or AAA batteries!  I ended up with a package of battery operated Tealights, a backscratcher, a card with three buttons, a pocket knife that will not open, a printer ink cartridge for the printer that we don’t have with us, and some miscellaneous photographs that I didn’t find a place for … yet.
            I also did some spot cleaning on the carpet.  It looks better but really needs a good shampooing.  A shampooing like I did back in July or August.  How did it get so dirty so quickly?  A better question would be, “Who thought that putting pink (Mauve) carpet in a fifthwheel was a good idea?”   I know that I’ll have to r,ent a carpet cleaner eventually … but for now, I’ll spot clean.
            My next task was/is to clean and polish the cabinets, cupboards and woodwork.  So far I have the kitchen/livingroom area done.  The hallway, bathroom and bedroom will wait until another day.  After all, we’re retired!  Tomorrow is always a better day to do something other than just spend time together.

            1st November Thursday.  Well, Octember is past and today is the first of Nowonder with Desober coming fast.  I can’t remember who first said it that way, but I know that I was in my twenties when I first heard, “Septober, Octember, Nowonder and Desober”.  It’s still funny after all these years.  Or at least as funny as it ever was!
            This morning I had a bill in our mailbox for our site rent and electric.  We had paid for a full month when we checked in on October 11th.  So this month they prorated it for the days we were actually here and only charged us 141.94 for site rent.  We had also used $26.60 worth of electricity and a $1 charge for using the fax machine (when I sent the extension request to the D.O.T.).  That’s pretty cheap livin’.
            On the other side of that cheap living … we were getting low on eggs so we stopped at the little convenience store near (10 miles) here.  $2.69 a dozen!  I’m to used paying around $1.70 for an 18 count carton.  I think I’ll skip buying grocery items there.
            We also went for a drive while we were out.  I’d been seeing the sign for Eagle Canyon Park.  So, we took a drive to see it.  It is about 16 miles off of Texas highway 29.  That is something that the sign doesn’t tell you … how far it is.  It was a nice drive through some interesting landscapes.  The hills changed from the granite to limestone and back to granite as we drove up and down and around.  We got to see more of Lake Buchanan.  Or as Ella said, “You can sure see where the water isn’t.”  There were a lot of areas of sand and brush that obviously was where the lake used to be.  From what I’ve been told, the lake has been steadily shrinking since about 2008.  Eventually, we arrived at the park.  It is the kind of park that we might have enjoyed when we were tent campers because there were nice shady spots with lots of room between sites.  The spots for RV campers were level concrete pads but too close together.  We didn’t go down to the beach area.  However, with the lake so low, I have a feeling it would be a lot bigger beach than it used to be.
I just found the sunlight and shadow interesting here.
            All in all, it was a nice drive and we are slowly beginning to find our way around our new home.

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