Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December 10-18 2012

I had posted on Facebook that I was becoming so good at doing nothing that I could now do it in my sleep.  It seems that our lives went from 'doing nothing' to busy every day. 
On December 7th we had our Christmas Potluck and gift exchange here at Shady Oaks.
Sunday school and church on the 9th.
Bible study at Shady Oaks on the 10th
11th was a different Bible study at Highland Lakes UMC
On the 12th we had a community breakfast at HL UMC
The 13th I attended a Qigong class (exercise)
14th other than the daily coffee with the guys was a quiet day.
My granddaughter's birthday party was on the 15th ... after the party we also did some shopping while we were 'in town'
HL UMC had their Christmas Cantata on the 16th
17th Shady Oaks Bible study
18th HL UMC Bible study

The following photos are out of chronological order because that is the way they loaded and I haven't figured out how to easily move them into order.

December 12
Sitting room for these
gorgeous Texas days

Steam rising from Inks Lake above the dam

Another cloudless Texas sunrise

December 12


Colorado River below Inks Dam
December 15 ... Sofia's Birthday Party

December 18 
Landscapes from near our campsite

Buzzards near our campsite

With this many buzzards around, I don't take naps outside!

December 17
Predawn on a cloudless Texas morning

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