Friday, July 16, 2010

Of tires and sausage

July 15th 2010

Speaking of tires and sausage!

Oh yeah, we weren’t. But we’re going to be.

Coming back from Home Depot, I stopped to talk to somebody and they pointed to my front driver-side tire and said, “It looks like a hotdog!” When I got out and looked at it, I had to admit that the bulge in the tire’s sidewall did look like a hotdog or maybe a large brat. I’ve never seen the sidewall of a tire do that.

Thank God that someone noticed it and pointed it out so that it didn’t just blow-out while I was driving.

Rats! I’m going to have to buy a new tire sooner than I anticipated. I have a spare, but I’ll still need to get it replaced so that I can continue to have a spare.

- - -

After Ella went to work, I got ready to change the tire on the truck. The bad news is . . . the spare isn’t much good. It holds air but has very little tread left. The good news is . . . ta da! I just bought a used tire for $30.00 and had it mounted and installed for $8.00.

It is still money that I didn’t want/have to spend. However, it was a lot less than the $150 to $175 that I thought I was going to be forced to spend.

I think I should be able to make it through one more winter before I need to replace all four tires.

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