Friday, August 20, 2010

Aug 18, 19 & 20

Aug 18

We had a nice, albeit, short visit with Anika, Nathan & Lorelia before I had to be at work.

Aug 19

Audrie & Anika came out for lunch and a tour of the resort. We had a little more time to visit before I had to go to work again.

Speaking of work: I got me September schedule and my last day of work camping is the 12th. Ella’s hours will be cutting back soon because of the change in the camping season. Which means we’ll have more free time and less money? We’ve both talked about applying at the new Wal*Mart near us for a greeter job.

Now that Charlotte is in school, we will be going to Nathan’s to babysit more often rather than having the girls out here.

Aug 20

It is a nice cool morning (74 degrees) with a great breeze and overcast. This would be the day to be at the Iowa State Fair (until it rains later today).

We’ve eaten breakfast (French toast) and done the dishes. Now we have nothing to do until Ella’s doctor appointment at 11.

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