Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Aug 15, 16 & 17

Aug 15
Sunday morning we went to the clubhouse at 7 to start setting up for and preparing breakfast.  Pancakes (plain and blueberry) and French toast.  One other couple had signed up to help (it is a volunteer task).  We have this breakfast every Sunday during the camping season.  We also, about once a month, have a Saturday morning breakfast of eggs to order and sausage.  Ummmm sausage!
The first thing we did was start a pot of coffee for the workers.  Then we started the 100-cup pot going for everyone else.  We got the tables set up very quickly and started setting out the butter and syrup on the tables.  The pancakes are made from a mix (add water & a tiny amount of oil) in a 5 gallon bucket. (no we did not make 5 gallons worth - only about 2 to 3 gallons)  I flipped the regulars and Don flipped the blueberry.  Ella dunked the bread into the egg mixture for the French toast and Julie did the flipping while Linda (the only one who had done this before) issued orders and supervised.  Ron came in to take the money.  Everything went smoothly.  We stopped serving at 10 and had everything cleaned up and put away by 10:30.  Ella was scheduled to work the clubhouse from 8 to 2 so she just stayed there and worked when I came home.  I worked from 3:30 to 10.
- - -
Aug 16
Monday is the only day that my cardiologist is available and I had a question for him about a change in my medication.  My prescription for Simvastatin (Cholesterol med) had run out and Walgreen's said the Doctor refused to refill it.  When I explained this to the nurse at his office (Dr was busy) she checked the records on their computer and said that I was supposed to still be taking it.  The Dr. wrote a new prescription which I took to Walgreen's.
We stopped at the North Side Library in Highland Park and Ella picked up a new mystery.  We went to the credit union and deposited her paycheck.
On the way home we stopped at the Senior Center in Johnston.  We wanted to check out the facility.  Sad to say, they don't have much to do other than get together to eat.  The activity for that day was knitting & crocheting.  There is a tennis court outside and Wii bowling.  But everything else is pretty sedentary: dominoes, bingo, bridge and other card games.
We had Charlotte for about an hour.  We were the drop-off /pick-up point that was convenient for both Mom & Dad.  Nathan took time off from work and was taking her to a "Meet the Teacher" while Cierra worked.
By the way, it was a beautiful day.  Temps in the low 80's and low humidity.
- - -
Aug 17
I guess I shouldn't have mentioned the weather being good.  It started raining about 4 P.M. and is still going at noon (as I write this).  The good/strange news is: it's 68 degrees!  The high today is supposed to be about 74!  Mid August in Iowa!?  'Taint right I tell ya!
Quick update here - just got a Facebook post that Charlotte got her cast off today and starts kindergarten tomorrow.
I work from 1:30 to 9 today and Ella works from 5 to 8 after she gets back from her doctor's appointment in the early afternoon.
I'd better get around and come up with lunch and something to take to work for supper.
The rain should make it a slow day at the gate (few people will decide to go camping but it's not storming so few travelers will be coming in to get off the road.  plus people who were due out today will probably just stay another day rather than break camp in the rain)

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