Monday, September 13, 2010

Sept 13

Wow!  I can't believe that it's been so long since I posted on my blog(s).  It was on September 6th and it was photos from Sept. 5th.
The only excuses I can come up with are that Vincent was visiting and we were spending time with him rather than the blog.  And after he had left, Ella's phone started behaving erratic and the Verizon techs just wiped it clean so she could restore from an earlier backup.  As it turns out, the file marked "Ella's backup" was actually a backup of my phone.  Which was 'mostly' okay because the calender, phone book and memo pad are files we routinely share anyway.  However, she lost her games (I don't play games on my Blackberry) and although she is able to receive email from her account, she is unable to send email from her account.  We're still working on trying to fix that without wiping it and going to an even older backup file that (hopefully) really is from HER phone. 
So what has been going on since I last posted?  Glad you ask.
Vincent got here.  He had several things on his agenda: 1. a pizza buffet and 2. biscuits and gravy for breakfast.  We took him to Old Chicago Pizza for a lunch buffet and he managed to eat enough to be only slightly uncomfortable.  The next morning, we took him to Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  I was sure that they'd have a country style breakfast with biscuits and gravy.  I was disappointed to find that when he ordered the biscuit and gravy, what he got was a couple of biscuits, two sausage patties and a small bowl of pepper gravy.  Ironically, after he was gone off to New York, I found that our little cafe at the resort serves a really nice biscuit and gravy breakfast. (sorry, Vincent)
We had a big family get-together on the evening before he left.  I had grilled then slow cooked a 10 pound pork shoulder.  I shredded it and served it on buns.  Ella made a potato dish with chives, sour cream and cream cheese.  Plus she also made a pasta salad with Italian herbs, black olives and mozzarella cheese.  I had also made some baked beans but they cooked too long and were dry.  We didn't have room at the 5th wheel so we used the lodge here at the resort and it worked very well for what we needed.
Yesterday (Sunday) was my last day of work-camping.  So, now I go back to just being a bum most of the time. (grin)
Now - today.
At the moment I'm sitting on the patio under the awning listening to the thunder.  It has sprinkled just slightly, however the radar shows a fair size hunk of rain headed this way.  I'm glad we got all of our running done earlier.
We got up, ate pancakes, did house work, picked up Ella's pay check, took stuff to our storage area, went to the bank to deposit the check, shopped at Wally World, went back to Verizon (3rd? 4th? time), got the oil topped off at Valvoline (by the way, they washed the windows and checked the tire pressure and added two quarts of oil and didn't charge me anything - I like that kind of service!) and watched a little TV.
Soon, we're going over to the Club House for a Staff Appreciation Dinner.
Tomorrow, I have a doctor's appointment/checkup and Ella & I will pick up the 'greats' after Charlotte gets home from school.  We'll bring them out to our place where Daddy will get them after work.
Opps!  The rain has gotten here so I'm going to post, unplug and go inside.

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