Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sept 16

When we last saw our heros (Tom & Ella) they were on their way to Ella's doctor appointment (yesterday).  I dropped her off at doctors and then went over to our church.  When I had been there earlier in the morning I saw that they were giving away lava rock for free.  They have been doing a lot of work on the church's landscaping and several tons of lava rock were no long wanted.  I thought it might be nice for filling potholes in my drive and parking area.  Since we can not make changes to our sites without getting approval for the resort, I asked and it was okayed to use the rock.
So . . . I scooped up about a ton (just me and my trustie snow shovel) into the back of the pickup.  Realizing that every rock I put in . . . I'd have to take back out and spread on the drive . . . I stopped at a point well short of over exertion.  I think I may go get more later, if it's still there.

Today has been overcast and cool (high around 65).  It was a good day to do some simple things around home.  Our patio umberella's stand has been filled with water all summer.  With winter around the corner, I dumped the water and then Ella and I refilled it with sand.  The sand was damp and did not want to go easily through the funnel and into the umbella base.
It was also a good day to have a fire in the patio fireplace.  I love just sitting there watching the fire dance.  However, now I smell like smoke.  A shower with Irish Spring or some such soap shoud take care of that.
The sun came out just about the time Ella went to work (4pm).  So I think I'll go back outside and restart the fire. I'll sit and read until time for Fringe at 7pm. I think it is the 2-hour season finally rerun.  That way I can get caught up with it before the season premire.

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