Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2011 November 30s

See all the pretty sparkles?  They are fractures in the thin coating of ice.

It's a beautiful sunny morning again and chilly enough to cause the lake to freeze over.

  This is Wednesday so I've already been to our men’s group.  We had another wonderful class following Adam Hamilton’s journey series.  This time we heard about Joseph, husband of marry and earthly father to Jesus.

         When I got home from the meeting, the LP tank that I’d left for Cutty’s to fill, had been filled.  And it was now setting next to my other tanks.  That was very nice of them to carry it all away up there.

Yesterday, Tuesday, I put the Nativity at the rear of the trailer and found that the lights don't work.  We put up the little Christmas tree and found only half of the lights work.  Ella potted some artificial poinsettia outside beside the door.  She also hung a wreath on the fence at the end of our patio.

It is a lovely little tree with
an over-sized star.
Today we went to Dollar General and picked up a string of lights for the tree.  Then I came home and removed all the pre-wired lights from the tree.  There were a bizzillian tiny plastic clips holding the lights to the tree!  We did NOT put the clips on the new string of lights.

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