Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November 8 2011

Yesterday, Monday, was a payday for Ella.  After sleeping in and having breakfast, we took her check to the bank.  On the way home we stopped at WalMart and picked up a few groceries. 
Since the Road Ranger is in storage and has become a storage trailer, we stopped brought some of our winter clothes and odds and ends from there.  We also scattered Bounce dryer sheets around throughout the trailer, as they are supposed to repel mice.
Monday started out Sunny but turned cloudy.  Late afternoon and into the evening it rained.  It was the kind of day that chills the soul. This morning I checked the rain gauge and it only showed about a half an inch.  Funny, it seemed like it should have been more than that.
Today, Tuesday, the day has started off dreary. It is cold and windy.  Also, looking at the radar, we are in for more rain and possibly some snow before the day is done.
I had posted a couple days ago that I needed to bake some more bread.  Well, one of the items brought over from the storage trailer was the bread machine.  This morning I mixed up some potato bread (without a recipe – so I hope it turns out alright) and put it in the machine to bake.  It is easier and less messy to make bread in the machine.  However, it is not as much fun.  I don’t really like the way the loaf looks when it is made in the machine.  So, usually, even if I use the machine to mix and knead the bread, I’ll shape and bake the loaf in the oven.
I saw a Facebook post by the mother of our former exchange student.  He goes by the stage name of Freddy Farzadi.  I used a translator program to change it from German to English and this is what it says:
Farzadi is the "Bad Boy of Comedy" 01.11.2011
As a bouncer on the Reeperbahn, he gathered many funny stories
Freddy Farzadi (35) from Berlin,

Freddy is a man of extremes. The "Bad Boy of Comedy" plays on the stage a Hamburger bouncer. Freddy is originally from Hamburg. He was one of four bouncers on the Reeperbahn, but has also successfully completed a law degree. In his bouncer job he enjoyed so many funny things that he began to tell about it. The stories were well received and so slowly but surely developed his passion for comedy. Freddy Farzadi has regular appearances at the Open Stage in "Apparently Vaudeville" in Berlin and the "Kookaburra Club" in Berlin. Since 2010 he is a stand up comedian on stage.

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