Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2011 December 20

                    The furnace is fixed.  Thanks to Travis who replace the old ignition board with a new one.  It lights, it runs, it heats and then it shuts down until the temperature drops enough for it to repeat the cycle.  

          Here are some pics of me and my niece and family. Interestingly, for some reason I don't have pictures of the little kids on my lap.  Hopefully Krista will send some to me.
Russ ... in a couple years he might be able to fill in for Santa




                    Yesterday, Mrs. Claus and I did a bit of running taking care of getting things ready for some visits from Santa.  We picked up some gifts to be given out tonight at “Round the Clock Daycare”. 

Derik and I
                    We also picked up some gifts that we delivered last night to Daniel and Derik.  I had mentioned Daniel the other day as a single dad raising his son on his own.  I’m not sure who was happier to see the Clauses at their door, Daniel or Derick.

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