Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 December 27

I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas (or Chanukah for my Jewish friends).  I have to admit that it was actually difficult for me NOT to blog on Christmas eve.  And yet today … it seems to be hard to get STARTED again.  So, here is what has been going on in our lives.

Christmas Eve
The twenty-fourth we went to John and Dawn’s for supper.  Brandon deep fat fried two turkeys.  The turkeys turned out beautifully moist (even the white meat).  Dawn had made caramels (some with black walnut bits), peppermint almond bark and white chocolate coated pretzels.  Linnea and Rob brought home baked rolls and wine.  Dawn’s nephew brought a homemade pecan pie.  Ella and I brought store bought pumpkin and a Dutch apple pies. There was dressing and mashed potatoes and finger veggies. 
Some of us spent time playing some of the new Wii games.  Here is a video of my grandkids sword fighting or boxing (I’m not sure because I was too busy laughing at them to look at the TV.)

Christmas Day
Ella and I got up early on Christmas day, dressed as Mr. and Mrs. Claus and went to Village Inn.  We handed out candy canes to all the help and then to the customers.  We then had breakfast there before going to church. 
Once at church I shed the Santa suit (yes I had clothes on beneath).  Because the Sunday was also Christmas, we did not have Sunday school.  The worship committee thought that it would make it easier for folks to make it to church at ten thirty.  During the service, time was planned for a ‘blessing of the gifts’.  Nobody brought gifts to be blessed.  This was the first year we had tried this.  Pastor did a generic blessing and thanks for the presents and the presence of God.
After church we has a pot luck for those who wanted to stay and eat with our church family.  Pastor Lee and Cathy (and maybe some others) had prepared a couple of turkeys and hams to go with the side dishes and desserts that people brought.  Ella had made a fruity rice mixture that I cooked at church just before the service started.  We also brought the left over pies from Christmas Eve.
After the pot luck, we did a Shepherds’ Run.  The worship committee had prepared some plates full of goodies and a Christmas/Thank You card.  Then people from the congregation took a plate with them as they left and then delivered it on their way home.  This was the first time that we did this.  I hope that it will be done again next year even though we will not be here to spearhead it.  (The plan is to be in Texas next Christmas)
Kathy and I
Before leaving church, I once again donned the Santa suit, then Ella and I dropped off a couple of Shepherds’ Run plates on the way to visit my niece Kathy.  She is at a rehab center trying to get her strength built up enough to get back on her feet.  We visited with her for a while before her husband and kids and grandkids showed up bearing gifts.  We got some pictures taken with them before we headed home.
Once we arrived at home we lay back in the recliners and slept for a couple of hours.  After we woke, we called the other four kids and spoke to them.  (As usual, Amber’s phone just went to voice mail.  So we had to just leave a message)

Anniversary Day December 26th
On the day of our anniversary we went to Target a picked up some gifts for NEXT Christmas.  Later, Ella worked from one to six on our anniversary.  I did our laundry at the clubhouse and then stayed there while she worked.  It was far from a busy day for her and I spent most of the day watching TV.  I did ride the stationary bike for a while and lay on the vibrating bed exercise machine.  It was so relaxing that I napped for a while. 
After Ella was off work, we went to Texas Roadhouse for supper.  It was packed.  After registering and being given a number, we found a place to sit and wait for forty minutes.  After they called our numbers we were asked to stand along the wall until a hostess was assigned to us.  This wait took another twenty minutes.  After we were assigned to a hostess, we were now “on deck” which meant that we now waited an additional fifteen minutes for a table to come available.  Once we were seated, service came very quickly.  It however came in reverse order.  Our meal arrived before the appetizers.  They did apologize and took the charge for the appetizers off of our bill.  We ate the appetizers for lunch today.

Today (27th)
            This was housekeeping day for us.  I got the holding tanks emptied and the freshwater tank topped off.  The dishes are done up and the floor vacummed.  We got a little grocery shopping done.  And now … tad ah! .. the blogs caught up.

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