Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 December 28

            At Men’s Bible Study this morning, we didn’t study.  We ate.  We had finished our recent study last Wednesday.  Traditionally, when we’ve finished a four to eight week study, we have a breakfast together instead of just starting a new study.
            After returning home, I worked on balancing our checking account.  That didn’t take long because I try to make sure it is accurate and agrees with what the bank says.
            Before lunch we went to Sam’s Club for groceries and gasoline.  I couldn’t resist the BBQ’d ribs when I passed them at the meat counter.  So we had ribs for lunch.
            We also stopped at Village Inn for pie.  This is the very first time that I’ve had such a brusque waitress at VI.  This was a waitress I’d never seen before.  She wasn’t exactly rude but came close to it with her manner.  Needless to say she received no tip.  Quite often my tip is larger than the bill when we go for coffee and pie.  Which explains why the waitstaff almost fight over us when we come in the door.  Even if we are not sitting in their section, many will stop and chat with us.  I’m hoping that the new waitress learns or leaves.  I know that working with the public is not easy, but there is no room for surliness. 

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