Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 December 30

Grandfather Clock
with Captain Kangaroo
            I slept until almost ten this morning!  Ella finally woke me and asked it I was alright.  Now I don’t know about you, but that’s the kinda question that’s hard for me to answer when I’ve just been awakened.  I think I said, “I think so.  Why?”  Well the answer to that is that ninety-nine percent of the time I’m awake and up between five and six.  I don’t know why I slept so long.  However, as I look outside today and then check my agenda, I don’t see much reason to get out of bed today at all.  I feel like Grandfather Clock from Captain Kangaroo ... you had to keep waking him up. 
            I’ve had breakfast.  I’ve refilled my pill sorter for the next week.  I’ve checked in on Facebook.  I’ve read my son’s blog entry for the day.  I’ve also checked in on several RV related blogs that I follow.  I’ve thought about making gumbo for lunch.  And I’ve written two paragraphs to post in my blog.  That’s it, I’m ready for a nap. (grin)
     Well, I did make the gumbo.  We had one sad little boneless chicken thigh that I diced and cooked.  Then I added some diced ham and some diced kielbasi sausage plus about a dozen precooked shrimp diced.  I chopped some bell pepper and celery to add to the pot.  Since I have an allergy to onion, I don't keep any on hand.  I did have some salsa that Ella purchased the other day, so I added a glop of that.  Hey, it can't BE gumbo with out the trinity of pepper, celery and onion.  I had a can of whole peeled tomatoes that I also added.  No okra so I used a rue to thicken it.  I over thickened it so I added a small can of V8 juice which I thickened with a quarter cup of rice.
It may not be Cajun or Creole, but it was pretty good eating.

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