Monday, February 6, 2012

2012 February 06

2012 February 08

          This is a little disappointing; Beth just called at about six fifteen to tell us that Cierra and the great granddaughters were all sick today.  That means we will not be babysitting.  Up at 5:45, breakfast eaten, snow shoveled, truck started and warmed, and now no place to go. Guess I'll get on line and post.
          Yesterday, Sunday, we both went to Sunday school and church.  Ella did not have to work because it was her weekend off.  With the snow (we had six to eight inches here and in Des Moines they had two to four) and the Super Bowl, we weren’t sure how many would be at church.  As it turned out, we had about the normal crowd.  After church we had a fellowship meal of Poppa John’s Pizza.  The rest of the day we ‘nested’, watched TV and read.
* * * 2012 February 06 part 2
I’ve had a busy day after all.  About eleven I went to the office and paid for our month’s electricity ($19.85) and storage.  From there I went the Iowa Department of Public Health to order copies of my birth and marriage certificates.  Now that I’ve turned sixty-five, I can start drawing my retirement. However, along with the forms I have to prove that I was born.  And for Ella to inherit any portion that is left when I die, I have to prove that she was born and that we are married.  Funny, when I was hired for that job all I had to provide was a driver’s license.
        After leaving the IDPH, I stopped by our church and asked our church secretary to make PDF copies of my medical documents.  I will carry that information on a flash drive when we travel.  We’ll do the same with Ella’s also.
          On the way home, I picked up our mail.  And, Yeah!, my prescriptions from the VA have arrived.  Now I never have to visit Walgreens again!  Two of my meds are not available through the VA so those will be filled at WalMart.
         Ella had a three o’clock appointment for a pre surgery physical.  One week from today she will have the cataract removed from her right eye and a plastic lens permanently inserted.
         Since the doctor’s office is right next to WalMart, we stopped to drop of the prescription for the two non-VA prescriptions.  While we were there we picked up a few groceries.
          One more stop at Kum and Go to top off the gasoline tank.
          We had only just arrived home when Ella was called into work to cover for Lisa or Bob for a couple of hours.

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