Friday, February 10, 2012

2012 February 10

The good news is: the sun is shining (intermittently) 
The rest of the news is: it is ten degrees with a predicted high of seventeen and wind gusts up to thirty miles per hour. (wind chill of COLD).
And tomorrow is supposed to be even colder.
To recap:  January ended with a new record of sixty-eight degrees.  We also had less snow than parts of Texas. And tomorrow's high is supposed to be fifteen. 

We thank God for a warm home out of the wind.  Please pray for those who live on the streets.

Ella started taking her eye drops this morning.  Four times a day for the next few days until the cataract surgery.

Heather called this morning.  She and Mike are considering opening a Bed and Breakfast.  She asked me to help design a logo.

I'm falling behind here.  Adam asked me to illustrate a children's book he has written.  I have some sketches done on that.  However I'm not happy with them.  I'm having trouble waking my muse.   Heck, I don't even know where my muse is anymore.

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