Saturday, February 11, 2012

2012 February 11

Something weird happened to my computer yesterday while I was trying to post here.  The screen started going wild.  It ended up with the screen image rotated ninety degrees clockwise (after rotating around and around for a little bit).
To make the cursor go up and had to go left to go down I had to go right and to go right I had to go down and to go left I had to go up.  Bizarre!
I used my other s l o w e r laptop to email a friend who knows about such things and asked for help.  He sent me instruction and I have, this morning, gotten it working and looking as it should be. 

We woke to one degree temperatures this morning and it dropped to minus one degree for a bit.  It has warmed up to five degrees now .... yeah.  The sun is shining so brightly that it is adding heat to the RV as it comes streaming through the windows.  Good ol' passive solar.

Ella worked yesterday evening.  A Boy Scout troop had rented the clubhouse for an overnight 'winter campout'.  When I went to pick her up from work, the scout leaders fixed individual pizzas for her and me.  That was her reward for letting the kids use the pool past the normal closing time.  Nice!

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