Monday, February 13, 2012

2012 February 13

This was sunrise this morning (or as close as it came).
We were already at Wolfe Clinic for Ella's cataract surgery before this mythical sunrise.

Ella using "In Case of Emergency" information from her phone to give the nurse her medications information.

Now in her surgery chic and with eye drops applied, we wait.

Wow! a lovely hat to go with the gown.  And the now in her arm.

A little hand holding was good for both of us.

Just a few minutes more.  She is sitting in a wheelchair with a warm blanket over her.

Back from surgery.  I'm not sure if she looks more like a pirate or a terminator. 

And now on home.  The snow is still falling but now as heavily as it was on the way to the clinic.

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