Saturday, February 18, 2012

2012 February 18

Ella says:  
           Busy week for us. My cataract eye surgery on Monday, stayed with the great granddaughters on Tuesday and Wednesday then led Bible study on Wednesday afternoon. 
          Thursday we found out that it's a great grandson that will make his arrival in July. I'll be hoping for the 3rd which is his great great grandpa Nye's birthday. I worked a little extra on Friday morning.then my usual Friday evening. 
           Today, I work until 2pm today then off for the rest of the weekend. Tom peaches tomorrow morning so our pastor can have some time with his new granddaughter and her parents.

Tom says:  
         Another beautiful day in Iowa.  We have bright sunshine and slightly above normal temps for this time of year.
         Ella is working this morning.  So while she's gone, I've been doing housework.  Feels like spring so I'm in the mood for spring cleaning.
         When you live in an RV and space is limited, things can get messy real quick.  The table and couch have become dumping grounds for miscellaneous stuff.  That is partly because some things really don't have a designated spot in which to be stored and partly because we tend to keep old mail, newspapers and magazines longer than we need to keep them.     
          Ella actually started this process a couple of days ago so I feel that I need to do my part here. (grin)  At any rate, things look a lot neater now than they have lately. (although I still have a cloth grocery bag full of papers that need to be gone through)

           I have lunch ready for when she is done working.  I sliced and browned some Italian sausage, sauteed some spaghetti noodles broken into short pieces and then added a can of diced tomatoes and a small can of V8 juice.  I've seasoned with garlic and herbs and will serve with grated cheese.  It's still about an hour before she is done working....hope I can keep from eating it until she gets home.

       The other thing that I've been working on today is adding video clips to one of my other blogs, Sermons by Thomas E Williams.  Check out "Why 

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