Thursday, February 16, 2012

2012 February 16

I was up before dawn, however, I forgot to get a photograph at sunrise.  I haven't adjusted my thinking about WHEN the sun comes up now (sunrise was at 7:09 and I didn't take the picture until 7:33

We went to Sam's Club early this morning.  That's one of the perks of being a business member, you can get in several hours ahead the rest and have coffee and cookies while you shop.

Ella wanted to stop at Target on the way home.  She had heard that one of the cleaning items, that they use at Cutty's Clubhouse, was on sale.

At the same time, I wanted to stop at Home Depot to exchange an item that I purchased yesterday.  After returning home yesterday, I discovered that the pocket flashlight I purchased was broken.

Because the Home Depot is just around the corner from the Super Target, I dropped Ella off and then went to Home Depot and exchanged my item.

When I returned to Target to pick up Ella, she was ready to go ... without the cleaning item.  She said that she couldn't ind it.  I asked if she asked for help.  To which she replied, "There wasn't even a place for it."  Personally, I would have asked for help.  However, since it wasn't an item for home, I didn't really care if she found it or not.

We have laundry to do and I have the Bible study at Emeritus this afternoon.  So, I will take Ella to do the laundry while I do the Bible Study. 

This evening I also have a Worship Committee meeting.  This meeting is normally on the the third WEDNESDAY of the month.  However, the Choir Director changed the choir practice from Thursday to Wednesday this week.  Since most of the Worship Committee members are also choir members, we just moved our meeting to the day and time that the choir had vacated this week.

Here is a note from Ella:
The new eye works great.  It is amazing what I can see without glasses.  It is just very awkward to figure out which eye to look out of. And which glasses to wear to read.  But I keep marveling at what I can see out of the new eye without glasses.  Without glasses, I can get around/see pretty good with one eye compensating for the other.  I'm looking forward to the 5th of March when the other eye will be done.

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