Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2012 July 31

            Monday afternoon did include a nap (see previous post).  It also included a trip to our Hitch Hiker fifth wheel in the storage area. We needed to take somethings* that will be going to Texas with us and put them in the HH.  *The George Forman Grill that we just purchased along with a toaster and a Christmas wreath that we bought at Goodwill a couple days ago.
            While we were in the storage area, Ella asked, “Would you like to take a drive?”  So we drove to son John’s house.  We arrived just after he did (we saw him drive in his drive just ahead of us) and before his wife, Dawn got home from work.  Ella said that the reason for the drive was so she could see the rose bushes that John and Dawn had planted.  However, everyone knew that the real reason for the drive was so that she could ask John if he would work on our truck.  John is a professional mechanic and gives us the family discount.  (To be fair, I did ask if he would rather do the job at home or should we take it into the shop where he works.  He said that we couldn’t afford the shop where he works At $90 an hour.)  Before we hitch the HH to the truck, I need to know that we’ve done everything possible to insure we arrive in Texas safely.
            We didn’t stay very long.  As I said, they were just getting home from work and were tired and hungry.
            On a similar note; when we arrived home, I juiced a couple of peaches and some apples for our supper.  I also had some frozen seedless grapes as a snack later.  Frozen is my favorite way to eat grapes.  They are like little popcicles.
            So much for yesterday.
            Today I worked from 8 to 4:30.  Ella had an 8 o’clock doctor’s appointment with the surgeon who had preformed the appendectomy on her last week.  She had to get a release from him so that she could get back to work – which she will starting tomorrow evening.
            I called the VA hospital today.  On July 13th the surgeon, that operated on my knee, said he was making a referral to the VA for me to have physical therapy because my right leg will not fully extend and I’ve lost muscle strength in that leg.  Since I had not heard from the VA, I called them and left a message in their voice mail system.  The scheduler returned my call to say that they had not received a referral.  She was adding a note to Dr. Perryman’s file and requesting that he refer me to the physical therapy department.  She also said that someone would call me within seven days.
            Ella followed up with our Progressive Insurance agent about getting the truck in for body work.  To undo the OPPS that Ella had created the other day.  We are to take it to the bodyshop when I get off work tomorrow at three thirty.  I am to call Enterprise once we are on the way and they will have a rental car at the shop when I’m ready to leave..
            Hmmmm….it occurs to me … I had knee surgery, Ella had an appendectomy, the HH had a complete deep cleaning and restock, the Excel had the problem air conditioner taken care of and now the truck is getting a face lift.  The only one in our “family” that hasn’t’ had any work done is Kramer the cat.  Way to go, Kramer!
            Check out this picture of our corn stalk.  The fields around here are full of very sad and stunted corn this year.  Too hot too soon and too little rain has really put the farmers in a bind.  We, on the other hand, have this one corn plant that grew up from bird seed knocked out of the feeder.  Normally the guy who mowes these sites would have cut it down when he did the trimming.  However, for some reason, he didn’t.   Look at it with my five foot wife standing next to it.

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