Thursday, August 2, 2012

2012 August 1 & 2

2012 August 1
            I juiced a peach, an apple, an orange, a kiwi, and a half dozen strawberries.  When I tasted it, it seemed really sweet so I juiced a small cucumber into the mix.  Not bad.  But mostly it tasted like a really sweet cucumber.  (Grin)

            As I was leaving for work this morning I noticed a tomato had fallen off of the bush.  So, I said to myself, “I’ll just take that and eat it as a snack this morning.”  When I picked it up I realized that some other creature had the same idea.  I don’t know whether to blame a rabbit or a ground squirrel.  Actually I don’t mind sharing this one.  I just don’t want them to think that I’m running an all-you-can-eat buffet.   I know that they make rabbit proof fences.  I’m not sure if they make squinny proof fences.

            I ordered the “Guide to Free Campgrounds” book from  That is just another step in being ready to head south to Texas this fall.  We intend to take our time on the way down and maybe do a little sight seeing.  The book is supposed to have a huge list of campsites under $12.00 a night plus detailed instructions on how to find them.  One night of free camping would pay for the book.

            Ella brought lunch to me: Fresh tomato wedges (from our ‘garden’) and a baked potato with cheese and ham topping.

            Ella has been busily buying Christmas presents.  Some will be taken to Texas for Christmas in December.  Some will stay in Iowa for next year’s Christmas in July with the family here.  Now we just have to wrap and remember which gifts stay and which ones go.

            Speaking of Christmas in Texas, do any of you know of anyone who will need a Santa at Christmas time in the Austin / Cedar Park area?  I charge $50 and hour with a one hour minimum.  I would also like to volunteer (free) as Santa for a worthy charity or two.

            Time passes

            After work, I took the truck to the body shop so that they can fix the Opps!  Enterprise Rent a Car had a car waiting for me at the body shop.  I had requested a PT Cruiser or an HHR because I knew that I could get in and out of them easily.  Being over six foot tall and around 275 pound, (check my “Tracking my Weight” page) I have trouble getting behind the wheel of some cars.  For instance the Grand Prix.  I don’t have enough joints in my body to be able to fit in the driver’s seat of that model.  Well … Enterprise didn’t have and of the requested vehicles. (Why they didn’t say that when it was requested … I don’t know)  So, what I ended up with is a Chrysler 200.  It is a nice enough vehicle with plenty of leg and head room.  It just isn’t easy getting in and out of.  I guess it’s true; You Can’t Always Get What You Want.

            More Time Passes it is now August 2, 2012

            Shortly after eight this morning Ella and I took a road trip.  The rental car has unlimited miles and gets MUCH better gas mileage than the nine mpg I get with the truck.  We had one stop to make.  We were to go to son-in-law Rob’s work and pick up a blood pressure cuff that Ella had loaned Linnea.  We arrived an hour early at the store … so we moved on.  Because the only direction we could turn, as we left the store’s drive, was south; we drove south.  We drove south until we came to a T intersection and then we drove east.  (This is how the rest of the day went … unplanned wandering)  We ended up following highway 69 from Des Moines to Osceola.  It was a very pleasant drive through some lovely rolling hills in southern Iowa.  Once in Osceola we were only about thirty miles from where Ella’s sister Mary lives outside of Creston.  So we started heading that way.  Ella tried calling Mary but didn’t get any answer.  But we continued in that direction anyway.
            The small town of Afton is along the way and Ella wanted to drive through there and see if she could find houses that she remembered from her childhood.  Then we once again headed toward Creston.  At this point, since we hadn’t been able to make contact with Mary, we could have changed direction.  However, it was approaching lunch time and I remembered that there is a Pizza Ranch restaurant in Creston that has very good fried chicken, we continued into Creston and had lunch.
Pizza Ranch's story

Ella becoming aware that I was about to take her picture

The remains of the meal 
            As we were finishing lunch, Mary called.  She had gotten Ella’s voice mail.  When she heard that we were at the Pizza Ranch in Creston, she said to stay put and she’d come back into town.
            She did and the sisters had a nice long visit while the restaurant went from very busy to nearly empty.  Mary invited us to go to her home but Ella had to be at work at five so we declined.  As it turned out, because I like wandering back roads, we ended up going less than a mile from her house on the way back.
            We got back home around four.  We had left the windows open and the a/c off when we left in the morning.  It was 96 outside and 100 inside when we got home.  We quickly closed windows and turned the a/c on. 
            Since Ella was going to be working at the clubhouse (which has laundry facilities) and we had about a week and a half of dirty laundry, we got the laundry ready to take with us.  At this point our friend Stoney  (Tom Stone) called to see if we were home.  He is preaching at our worship service this Sunday and had information for me to put in the bulletin.  (I create the bulletin and email it to our home church for the secretary to print).
He came with the information.  I did my thing and got it emailed out.  In the mean time Ella walked over to work.
            Once I had everything done with the bulletin, I loaded up the laundry and took it to the clubhouse where I washed, dried, and folded the clothes.  By the time the laundry was done, it was nearly time for Ella to be off work at eight.
            We came home to a nice cool RV and I typed this post.


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