Monday, July 30, 2012

2012 July 30

     Saturday, I had stopped at the Goodyear Tire Store and asked them to reinflate one of my tires.  At the same time I had them set an appointment to check that tire for a leak.  This morning I took the truck in and they found a screw in the tire.  Because I had purchased the Road Hazard Insurance when I purchased the tires, it did not cost a thing to have the tire repaired.
     After that I picked up Ella and our paychecks and took them to the credit union. (They would only deposit the checks and not Ella) - Sorry! Rather than correct the grammar in that sentence, I decided to point out my error with humor.  One of my pet peeves is people saying (or writing) something incorrectly and then expecting me to understand what they meant to say rather than what they actually said.  Most of the time the react as if I were the one who was in error.  Okay, now that I've pointed out my own error and had a little tirade, I'll return to the regularly scheduled post.
    After Ella and I had deposited our paychecks, we stopped at St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Shop.  She found a little outfit for William, our newest great grandchild.  I found a large George Forman Grill.  I have been looking for a duplicate of the grill we already own, which has interchangeable plates, including waffle irons.  I have found it online for $139.00.  However, I'm unwilling to pay that price again.  Therefore, we've been checking thrift stores for it.  The one I purchased (for $3) today is larger but does not have the interchangeable plates.  It is a grill and only a grill.  Now I'll start checking thrifts stores for a waffle iron.
    We also made a stop at the D.A.V. thrift shop but did not make a purchase.
   From there we went to Sam's Club to buy produce.  Because we are juicing for one meal a day, we are using produce faster than usual.  Previously, it did not make sense for us to purchase fresh produce at Sam's because we couldn't eat it all before it would spoil.
     The rest of our day remains unplanned, as neither of us work today.  An afternoon nap may be in order.

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