Tuesday, October 16, 2012

2012 October 16

2012 October 16 Monday

            Being Monday, Ella had coffee with the womenfolk up at the rec-center at 9:30. (Every Monday and Friday).  And being as how it wasn’t Sunday, I had coffee with the menfolk at the rec-center at 7:30.  These will be reoccurring items on our schedules.  Another reoccurring event is the potluck.  I am not sure if it is scheduled for every other Friday or just for twice a month. 
            After our coffees we did very little except sit outside under our awning and be still.  The Lord (and nearly everyone else) knows we don’t have an overly active lifestyle, but it was nice to just sit in the middle of the peace and quiet.
            I had made a loaf of bread in the bread machine that was to finish baking at 1 p.m.  Ella couldn’t wait (or thought I couldn’t wait) until 1, so she fix our lunch about 11:30.  We had some fried shrimp with garlic and herbs, sliced home-grown tomatoes and baked potatoes.
            After lunch we did some lite housekeeping (the slideout is still ‘in’ which means we are cluttered and cramped at the moment).  The bread finished baking and we ate a couple of slices of warm bread and ‘butter’ (Country Crock Spread).
            Around 1:30 we drove into Marble Falls (by way of Kingsland) to check on the refrigerator vents ordered through Hillcountry RV.  The side (rear of the refrigerator) vent that Larry had ordered turned out to be not the vent but bug screens to go in the vent. He had misread the catalog.  So he made a quick call and added the correct part number to his next parts shipment. We did purchase the roof vent for the refrigerator while we were there. (For the benefit of those who do not know how RV refrigerators work ... they do not use a compressor like residential refrigerators.  They work by evaporation, which requires the air to be able to circulate upward behind the unit.  Therefore there is an opening approximately 1'x2' through the outside wall of the RV.  and a similar smaller hole in the roof.  These two openings are protected with vent covers.)
            From Hillcountry RV (Yes, that is how they spell it … all one word) we drove to Home Depot and purchased a 2”x112”x8’ treated board and had it cut in half.  I also purchased a 4”x10’ length of light weight PVC pipe to use for our sewer drain.  That is a camp requirement.  It was explained that the Texas sun rots sewer hoses too fast, so everything must be ‘hard plumbed’.  I also purchased a bow saw which I will use to cut the PVC pipe. (I didn’t bring and power or handsaws with me.)
            We went to Wal-Mart after leaving Home Depot.  We purchased a (very) few groceries, a shirt (top?) for Ella, and some toilet paper.
            We drove home from Marble Falls by way of Burnett which completed our rather circular drive for the day. (Maybe it is more of a triangle since there were three stops)
            Once arriving back at Shady Oaks, I hooked up to the Hitch Hiker and moved it forward four feet so that the boards could be placed behind the wheels.  I then backed up four feet and thus have the tires off of the gravel.  I also cut and installed the drain pipe.  It was late enough by now that I didn’t want to start on the roof vent.  If it goes simply, it should be an easy replacement job.  However, if it doesn’t go simply and quickly, I could end up trying to replace it in the dark on the roof.  So I left if for Tuesday’s list.
            For supper we had stew left over from when Arik and the kids were here.  Oh yeah, we also had more of the home made bread.
            My leg was aching, and because of the slideout situation we are unable to open the recliners, so I went up to lay on the bed about 7:30.  I laid there and watched several  Doctor Who shows on Droid TV before giving up and going to sleep.
            When I woke this morning (Tuesday the 16th) it was raining slightly.  This makes me glad that I didn’t start a roof vent replacement that I might not have been able to finish.  I have had my breakfast and had coffee with the men.  I’ve also finished this post.  So, until tomorrow … or until something semi-newsworthy … Bye!

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