Monday, October 15, 2012

Visits via Tango and in person

2012 October 14,2012 Sunday
            We had a stormy night last night.  High winds, hail, rain and lots of lightning.  We went safely through the storm with no damage.  We had taken the awning down because Ron had come by and warned us that there were tornado watches in the area.  Our Weather Bug app didn’t mention tornados but it did warn of high wind, hail and rain.  It also showed us that a large number of lightning strikes were occurring within 0.1 mile of us.
            We are not going to church today in anticipation of Arik bringing the kids out for a visit.
            We received a Tango Video call from Charlotte and Lorelia who are visiting their Grandma Cindy who had come down from Minnesota to Des Moines.
            About 10:30 a.m. Arik brought Sofia and Beket out to visit today.  We ate the stew that I’d made plus some snack items that they brought with them.  Grandma Ella stayed at the trailer while the rest of us went to walk across the old highway 29 bridge across Inks Lake.  The bridge is no longer an automotive bridge but now for pedestrian use.  Once we returned from the walk, we played games with the kids (catch and Hot and Cold)  We talked with Arik about what we are loosely calling our “plans” for the next five months.  He mentioned some the sights of interest that we might want to visit while we are here.  He also talked about Jenny and his plans to stay in this area and possibly move to a home with more yard for the kids to play in.  He also spoke about the possibility of going into partnership with his boss on an additional, smaller, different restaurant.  Mostly we just hung our and enjoyed each other’s company.
The Colorado River with Inks Lakes Dam in the background

Colorado River downstream from Inks Lake Dam

A portion of Shady Oaks Riverside RV Retreat as seen from the Colorado River

We were invited to attend here (which we will) however, with Arik and kids coming to visit on Sunday morning, we skipped this Sunday.

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