Friday, July 23, 2010

July 22 & 23

July 22

There are some things that we know about living in a 5th wheel RV.

1. No appliances that only do one thing. This means we don’t order stuff from infomercials. It’s also why I don’t have a garlic ricer. I mean, how lazy do you have to be to not just dice it with a knife?

2. Pots and pans have to ‘nest’. Space is at a premium.

3. Weight is also a consideration when we start traveling. It’s very easy to overload the axles.

4. The rule is “one thing in / one thing out”. If you buy something you have to be willing to get rid of something.

5. Another, similar rule is: if I can’t eat it, drink it, spend it, or wear it; I don’t want it as a gift.

6. A place for everything and everything in its place.

As I said, we know these things – however, we don’t always practice them. For instance, I will not give up my cast-iron skillets and Dutch ovens, even to save weight. I also have a problem with giving up my books. When we moved from the house, we got rid of about 10 bookcases worth of books. However, we still have several hundred pounds worth of cookbooks, Bibles and song books with a few art books and novels. I HAVE been reading more books online or ordering them as e-books to down load and Ella gets most of her books from the library.

We have a place for ‘most’ things and ‘sometimes’ put them there. Unfortunately the ‘place’ for most things seems to be our table!

We also have a huge collection of Mr. & Mrs. Clause figurines. Many of them are in storage but I’ve had to build extra shelves to hold the ‘few’ that we have in the trailer.

So, I guess we’ll continue to learn new ways to adapt our living and maybe even put them into practice!

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July 23

We have the great-granddaughters this morning. I made pancakes, which everyone loves. Homemade syrup (water, brown sugar and molasses) nice and hot to melt the butter! Yummy!

After breakfast we read a little from the Children’s Bible and sang some songs: ‘Jesus Loves Me’, ‘Jesus Loves the Little Children’ etc.

Then we took a walk to look at some of the Christmas decorations (Christmas in July). Then we went down by the lake and walked among the ducks and looked for our resident swan. At first we couldn’t see him but later noticed he was on the far side of the lake. About that time he saw us and swam over to see if we had food (which we didn’t – hadn’t thought of that when we left home.

It started sprinkling so we stood under a tree until it let up and then walked back home.

The girls have been coloring for a while and Charlotte has written some notes for her Grandma Cindy. Cindy is supposed to be here around noon and will spend some time with us here then take the girls back to Nathans in the afternoon. (See how easily I can build a run-on sentence!

That’s all for now – more later.

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