Monday, July 26, 2010

July 26 2010

What a beauty of a day today!  Makes me so glad that we retired and are living as full-time RVers. 
Here's what I mean by that. I woke up at about 6 a.m. - not because the alarm went off - or because I had too.  I woke up because I was done sleeping.  I went downstairs (two steps down from the bedroom/bathroom area to the kitchen/dining/living room area) and fixed poached eggs for breakfast. (I'm eating almost no yokes since the heart attack a year ago in May)  Ate my egg whites, drank some instant coffee (temporarily out of coffee to brew), had a hand full of trail mix and a pear.
Then I sat and worked on drawing more plans for the dream RV.  At some point Ella got up and I fixed eggs for her - also giving her the yokes from my eggs.  We did up our few dishes and then went to the bank to deposit the $40 I earned the other night.  Then a stop at the library to pick up some new books.
It was about 11 when we returned home.  Ella completely vacuumed our home in about 10 minutes.  We fixed a quick lunch from leftovers and lay down to read/nap.  During this time the maintenance people mowed and trimmed our yard.  Now I'm sitting outside under the awning enjoying the breeze and the birds.
Are you getting an idea of how laid back and comfortable this life style is?
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On to another topic.
July is nearly over and we're looking forward to visitors in August.  Heather and Mike are coming to visit on the 13th.  I haven't had a chance to meet Mike however as long as he makes Heather happy in a healthy relationship, I already like him. And, of course, Heather is one of my favorite daughters.
On the 17th Anika, a former exchange student is coming to visit for a while.  I know that, because she is such a popular girl and has a lot of friends to visit, we'll only get to see her for a small portion of the time she is here.  Once she returns to England, she'll be busy packing to move to Scotland for more schooling.
Vincent, another former exchange student is also coming to visit.  He is going to California to meet his father (which he has never known) and then stopping in Iowa to visit us.  It'll be interesting to see how his new career as a stand up comic is going.  When he tells lawyer jokes, he has the inside scoop.

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