Monday, August 23, 2010

Aug 21 & 22

Aug 21
Not much to report for Saturday.  I worked from 8 to 4:30.
Ella did laundry, exercised, picked up our Angel Food order and then rested and read.
After I got off work we went up to Main Street and had food on a stick (Meatballs & rice crispys).
While we were there Ella got a Facebook posting that my sister Maryann was in the hospital with congestive heart disease.  So, we went and visited her at the hospital.  She was on oxygen and doing fine.  My niece, Glee and her daughter Nickie came in while we were visiting.  They only allow 2 at a time in the room (still in the emergency room) so I stayed and visited with Maryann while Ella and the girls went out to the waiting area and visited.
- - -
Aug 22
Church in the morning and then to IHOP to have breakfast/lunch with Annika, Nathan, Beth, Audrie, Charlotte and Lorelai.  Ella worked 2 to nine and I just goofed off all day.  Other than doing a small amount of dishes I did nothing but read, write, draw, watch TV and maybe napped a bit while watching TV.

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