Friday, August 27, 2010

Aug 27

Aug 27 - Friday
Woke at 5:00. Got up and made a cup of instant coffee. Went out to the patio to welcome the morning and drink my coffee. The fabric was dry on the umbrella. So I reassembled the umbrella and raised it. Everything worked fine.
- - -
I brought the laptop out and wrote another chapter in the story I'm working on.
- - -
After Ella woke, we went to breakfast with friends. We had a nice visit and got caught up on all the latest news
- - -
After that, we stopped at church to drop off pop cans (Youth fund raiser) and extra tools for the Rummage Sale.
- - -
On the way home we stopped and picked up our mail. Ella got the doctor's report she's been waiting for. About a month ago she had a mammogram. The doctor requested a follow up ultra sound. The report says that she needs to contact the doctor for a follow up procedure. Ella has called and left a message for the doctor. Now we wait to find out what is happening.
- - -
"Dog House"
I started my next project; Caulking the "dog house" (the enclosed area under the front of our 5th wheel).  Ran out of caulk and went to Home depot for more. Also purchase some DampRid.  When you live in an RV, it is important to keep as much moisture from the air as possible.
- - -
Insulation on inside
Notice the gaps between the boards
When we got home it was lunch time so we went to Cutty's Cafe for a flat bread pizza. While we were eating, one of our friends, Grace, fell just outside the laundry room. She has a big knot on her forehead and the skin is broken. Several scrapes on her nose and face. The plastic lenses in her glasses has deep gouges. Dave, her husband, is legally blind so I offered to drive them to a clinic. Ella stayed behind to take care of Grace's laundry. So here I sit while Grace and Dave are seeing the doctor.
- - -
Clear Caulking Compound
The doctor Superglued her forehead wound closed and cleaned up the other scrapes. He told them to keep it clean with a Q-tip and not to let it scab over. We stopped at Walgreen's for some Bacitraicin. I called Ella as we were leaving the doctor's. The laundry was done and she would wait for us at Dave and Grace's home.
- - -
Clear?  I'm hoping it drys clear.
I worked some more on caulking and finished the east side. I finished that about 4 PM. I work 5 - 7 today. It sounds silly to schedule someone for just two hours. However, the extra person during that busy time makes a lot of difference on Fridays.
- - -
I'm home from work.  While I was there I received an email from Lynn saying that her mother is gone.

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