Saturday, October 29, 2011

October 29 2011 WOW! This is post number 100!

I didn't realize until I was ready to publish this post that it was the 100th.  That is amazing.  I'll have to check my other blog  and see how many I've posted there.

Several months ago we got some frozen flounder fillets in our Angel Foods order.  I don’t like them.  I’ve coated in flour and cornmeal and fried them.  I’ve steamed them with butter and herbs.  They taste and feel nasty in the mouth.  But I’m too tight to throw them out.  So, I’m trying a chowder with them. I’ve added enough other things to enrich the taste so I hope it turns out okay.  I have potatoes, bacon, sausage, carrots and celery in the mix.  I realized that I had neither heavy cream nor sour cream. so I’m using cream of mushroom soup.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.  Right now the trailer smells really good as the chowder starts to heat in the slow cooker.
Do you have any good recipes for flounder fillets?
What is your favorite chowder recipe?

Ella works this morning so I’m just sitting at home and watching the dust motes dance in the sunshine pouring through the windows. (Actually, I don’t see any dust motes – that is just a memory from my childhood.)  As soon as the sun came up I turned off the furnace because that sunshine will keep us plenty warm inside.  It is amazing how little added heat is needed even during the winter, if the sun is shining bright.  Can you say, “Passive solar heat?”

Last night the temperature dropped to 31 degrees.  So I had unscrewed the water line into our home before going to bed.  Because the temperature is back above 40, I had refastened the line and turned the water on this morning.  A couple of minutes ago a neighbor knocked on the door to say I had a water leak.  Sure enough, water was spraying out from where the filter attached to the hose.  A little twist and it was tightened again.  
The good news is that I really needed to water that area where it puddled.  Because the new trailer is five foot shorter than the previous one, when we moved it onto our site, it there was a spot with no grass had grown under the older trailer.  I had sewn some grass seed and watered it once.  However, I hadn’t really soaked the ground as I expected that the grass wouldn’t sprout until next spring after the snow melted.  But now it has had a good soaking anyway.

Man!  That chowder smells good!  It is three hours before Ella will be home for lunch.  I may have to find something outside to occupy me until she gets home – otherwise I may start dipping into the chowder a little early.

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