Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October 31 2011

Well, first of all, the chowder turned out good.  It would have been better with a different fish though.  Really, do you have a recipe for flounder that you like?

Second of all, Ella ended up working from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday.  The person who was supposed to work the afternoon shift called her about 1:15 to say she might be a little late.  She was supposed to be there at 2:00.  Her husband has a medical condition that was not being controlled by his medications and she had taken him to the hospital.  I guess that it was a good thing that we had not made plans for Saturday.  Ella was very tired and hungry by the time she returned home.

Sunday we had Sunday school and church with a catered meal afterward.  The day was spent in rest.

Today is starting off cold (31) and very sunny.  The predicted high is for mid 50s.  Tomorrow should be in the 70s which isn’t bad for the first of November in Iowa.  On the weather last night they were saying that the record high for the day was 85 and the record low was 8.  So there is a lot of range for the “average”.

Normally we would be babysitting with the ‘greats’ but their Aunt Audrie will be watching them from now until she finds another job.  I’m going to miss spending time with them.  Now, I have no plans for today.  Outside work is done and not much to do inside except putting a few things away and vacuuming.

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