Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November 1 2011

     I have changed the look of the blog.  I think it makes it easier to get caught up if you've been away for a while.

     I was surprised to see that the post that I thought I'd published yesterday was still sitting here as a draft.  So the post titled "October 31 2011" has the tag "Nov 1" on it.  Oh well!

     Now for something completely different.
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Borrowed from "Terra Nova" website
     I have been watching the new Fox TV series "Terra Nova".  The premise of the story is, in the troubled future a way is found to go to the distant past of an alternate time line.  A colony is set up in this past with the purpose of bringing people from the future to this past and starting over.
     The computer graphics are very well done and the filmography, though pretty dark at times, is generally well done also.  All in all, it is a visually interesting show.
    However after four shows (five if you count the two hour premiere as two shows) I'm still waiting for a plotline that makes me want to tune in next week.  I will watch the pretty pictures only so long before I become bored.
   Have you seen the show?
   What do you think of "Terra Nova" so far?

    Speaking of television, Ella and I watch more TV on our Droid Xs than we do on the television sets.  The flatscreen TV in the bedroom hardly ever gets used now.  I've been thinking about moving the bedroom TV down to the livingroom and selling or donating the older TV.
   Do any of the rest of you watch TV and movies on your smartphones, tablets, laptops etc.?
    Yesterday, our neighbor, Art, invited us to go look at his new trailer.  They had     sold their older, smaller travel trailer and purchased a 40+ foot park model trailer.  It has two bedrooms and two bath rooms.  Being a park model the appliances are all regular household rather than RV appliances. Yes there is a difference in how they work as well as the size of the appliance. It is a nice trailer and I'm sure that they will enjoy using it.

    This morning our neighbor, Sue, stop over for coffee and conversation.  She and Tom (her husband - not me) will be closing up their fifth wheel this weekend.  They will have our maintenance people winterize the trailer.  All the water tanks will need to be emptied and have RV antifreeze put back in.  Their food stuff will have to be packed up and taken to their 'sticks & bricks' home for the winter.  Sue said she hopes that they can come down a couple of times this winter and camp.  Tom isn't so sure he wants to do that.  We'll see.

    While I was typing this, anther friend, Glen, came by to visit.  He and his wife normally spend the summers in Iowa and the winters in Arizona.  However, his wife recently had a tumor removed from behind her eye.  She is now going through radiation treatment.  They will not be able to go south until about a week after her last treatment.  We told Glen that we'd keep praying for Joann and for him as well.

     Ella will be working this evening.  Normally the only weekday she works is Friday.  However the woman who normally works this shift will be at the hospital  with her husband.  He has been in and out several times in the last few days.  I am hoping that they get him stabilized on his meds.  Lisa doesn't need the extra worry and Ella doesn't need the extra work (though the extra money is nice).

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