Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2011 November 22

Potato Soup
Pecan Silk Supreme Pie

We made one additional stop yesterday.  We went to Village Inn for supper and Ella’s free pie for her birthday.  You’ll find this hard to believe, but I did NOT have pie.  If they would have had sour cream raisin I would have had pie.  But they were out, so I didn’t.

            I got up this morning and Weatherbug said that it was still above freezing so I re-hooked the water hose and refilled my ‘back up’ water supply.  I have a three gallon water bottle with a dispenser that we use for drinking and cooking water when we are running off of the holding tank.  I try to keep that 80 gallon tank for cleaning and flushing.
            The Weatherbug also said that it was drizzling and it was, sort of.  It was really more like a heavy mist than a drizzle.  I think I’d rather it rained.  Rain seems so much ‘cleaner’ than this drizzle.

            I’ve been working on all my blogs this morning.  It isn’t that I’ve been posting on all of them.  However, I have been working ‘under the hood’ tweaking some of the settings etc.  I had to repair a link that was posted on the Home Is Where The 5th Wheel Is blog.  I had a link that was supposed to go the Retirement Dreams blog but I had entered the hyperlink incorrectly.  It now goes where it is supposed to go.

            I will be going over material for a Bible study that I’ve agreed to conduct.  It is titled, “The Purpose of Christmas” byRick Warren.  The synopsis sounds like it will be a good short-term study for Advent.  I've provided a link to his website out of courtesy.  Since I have not yet reviewed the material, this is not an endorsement.  I'll keep you posted.

            Oh, here is a funny thing that happened to us.  Ella and I use the swipe method to input text on our Droids.  That means that instead of touching each letter on the keyboard, you slide your finger from letter to letter.  Most of the time the software understands what you are doing and posts the correct word.  Sometimes, however, funny things happen.  Several days ago I was trying to write “wife” and it kept printing “erotic”.  I thought that was hilarious.  Yesterday, being Ella’s sixty-fifth birthday, she was sending a text and was trying to write, “I’m officially a senior citizen.”  Instead it printed, “I’m officially a senior vixen.”   When you put the two together … well … I’m a lucky man!


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