Thursday, November 24, 2011


The day began as any other day.  The sun rose in the east and I arose in my bedroom.  The alarm had not gone off.  It never did until after I was awake.  All these years and I continue to set the alarm because I’m convinced that if I do not set them, I will oversleep.  It is Thanksgiving and I have only one place to be today.
It is Thanksgiving and I give thanks.  I thank God that Ella’s cancer was found and removed.  I thank God that the one hundred percent blockage of my rear coronary artery was found and quickly removed.  We both are alive.  Ella is older than her mother ever became.  I am older than my father ever was.  I thank God.

I am thankful for a loving heart and a huge family to share it with.  I’m thankful for modern communication such as Facebook that let’s me be in touch with so many family and friends.  We had a Thanksgiving meal with Kathy my niece/sister and her family.  I ate some of nearly everything that was prepared.  I refrained however from over indulgence and enjoyed the visit.
I am thankful for a quiet evening in which to think and write.  I am so enjoying writing for all my different blogs.  They give me a chance to express the different voices within me. (Go ahead … it’s a perfect straight line … you might as well say it.)  And I’m thankful for all of you who read what I have writ.  Please share my blogs with your friends. Enjoy.

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