Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2011 November 23

            The Men’s Bible Study is using “The Journey” by Adam Hamilton for an Advent study.  It was interesting to see the places in Nazareth where Jesus must have walked and possibly the place of his birth.  It was also a revelation to me as to what the name Nazareth means and how that falls in line with prophesies in Isaiah.
            After the Bible study, several of the guys helped me to bring the church’s Advent / Christmas decorations into the sanctuary.  We got some of the items ‘in place’ and the rest we (the Worship Committee members) will finish the decorating on Saturday.
            I came home and picked up Ella to go to Sam’s club for groceries and gas. That’s the first time in a long time since I was able to buy gas at under $3.00 ($2.999).  After spending $150 + for groceries at Sam’s, we went to Dahl’s and spent another $75.  I think that amount of spending offset the $1.30 I saved on gas.
            Today was gorgeous with lots of sunshine and a high in the mid fifties.  We were driving around with the windows down in the truck.  (Yeah, we must be Iowans.)
           Yesterday I baked two loaves of potato bread.  They were to take to Kathy & Danny's for Thanksgiving.  Last night Ella ask if she could have a slice from one loaf.  I said that I would bake some more tomorrow (today).
          When I got home from Bible study this morning, there was less than half a loaf left.  I guess the bread turned out okay. (smile)
           I have made more potato bread this evening.  It is doing it's final proof right now before going into the oven.
           I love making bread.  I remember writing quite a long piece about how I loved the entire process of making bread.  That was when I was posting through AOL.  I don't believe  that they called them blogs.  Unfortunately all of that was lost when AOL stopped hosting the service.  I'll try and be smarter about the material that I post on my current blogs.  Back Up and Save. 
           Speaking of blogs.  Check out my new blog at Stories by Thomas E. Williams.

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