Sunday, November 20, 2011

2011 November 20

Looking out my door November 20. 2011 So much nicer than yesterday.
     The sun came out today.  After yesterday’s bleak overcast day, it is nice to see the sun.  It is too bad that the cold came along with the sun.   It is 2:15 p.m. as I write this and it has just gotten above freezing to 33 degrees.

     Sunday school was very good today. (Not that it isn't usually good) We had some nice discussion about the Lord's prayer, corporate prayer and private prayer.  Then that was followed by Pastor Lee's sermon on remembering.  What do we choose to focus on when we are remembering?  The good?  Or the bad?  
      The choir presented "Psalm of Celebration" by Mark Hayes.  It was very uplifting.  They received applause for the singing.  I almost never clap for the choir although I may give an "Amen" or "Praise God".  When I was in the choir I felt uncomfortable with applause because the singing was done to honor God and not win approval from the poeple.
    How do you feel about applauding in church?

Here is a video of my silly great granddaughters and their silly gran'pa.
The video isn't great but the giggles are wonderful.

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