Saturday, November 19, 2011

2011 November 19

So grey that it looks like a charcoal drawing.

It is a grey day outside.  This is what late fall looks like.  All color is gone everything looks like a charcoal sketch.  Yesterday was sunny but there were gust of nearly 50 mph around our campsite.  We are going to go over to a neighbor’s site and put the tarp back over their golf cart.  If it had not become entangled with the steering wheel, it would probably be a hundred miles north of here this morning.
Ella worked yesterday evening and I went to the clubhouse to do laundry.  Other than working on my blogs, that is the only activity I did all day.  I finished a sermon that I had been working on and posted it at  This morning I went back into the blog and moved some of the elements around.  Originally I had posted the scripture readings before the message.  Today I moved them below the message.  I also updated Santa’s Good List at  You should check that out to make sure your name is on there before I check it twice!  If it isn’t there, leave me a comment and I’ll have the elves review your file.

I’ve been asked to lead a Bible Study and I’m trying to come up with some ideas.  Since we are heading into Advent next week, I suppose I should do something with that.  I had planed on going to Iowa Religious Media Services today, however I just checked their hours and found out that they are not open on Saturday.  I’ll have to plan on doing that Monday. 

Speaking of Monday, that is Ella’s birthday.  She received a gift certificate via email from Old Country Buffet so I think we’ll go there for lunch on Monday.

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