Friday, November 18, 2011

2011 November 18

     I went to bed at about ten thirty last night.  I was not in the least bit tired so I lay there and watched a couple of TV shows that were stored on my Droid X.  So, it was around midnight when I put down the Droid and went to sleep.  I slept well and woke refreshed at FOUR P.M.!  It was too early to get up but I was too awake to sleep.  The solution?  I watched a couple more TV shows.
     I really like using Droid TV on my smartphone.  The main reason is that I can watch shows that I CAN'T watch on TV.  We do not have cable of satellite and I enjoy shows such as Psych, Burn Notice, Covert Affairs and others that are on the USA network.  I can also watch shows from TNT, Syfy, Comedy Central and so forth.  Plus I have the ability to watch them anytime and anywhere that I want.  Yep! Droid TV is by far my favorite ap.
     What aps do you use on your smartphone?  How do you use your phone?  Do you text or talk?  Do you surf the web?
     It is now seven a.m. and starting to become brighter outside.  Sunrise is supposed to be in seven minutes.  I know this because of the Weatherbug ap on my phone.  I just heard Ella's alarm on her Droid giving her the time and temperature.
     These are pretty impressive devices that we carry in our pockets now days.  Here are some of the applications (aps) that are on my Droid:
Alarm & Time, Kindle, MP3, Auto Backup, Bible, Blockbuster, many many books, web browser, bubble level, calendars, calculator, camcorder, camera, document scanner, FM radio, comic books, contact list, several aps to watch movies, email for all four email accounts, Emergency alerts, documents (Word, Excel and PDF), Facebook, photo gallery, Google, a harmonica, Emergency medical information, flashlight, notepad, a Spanish language program, magnifier, maps, music, GPS navigation, news and weather, grocery lists, yellow pages, TV guide, 'tape' recorder, Yahtzee and You Tube.
      I can hold in my hand the sum total of all of human history and knowledge. Amazing!
     How do you think that devices such as cellphone, smartphones, digital cameras, computers and the internet impacted your life?

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