Monday, November 14, 2011

2011 November 14

I’ve been reading so many posts by people saying all the things that they are thankful for.  My son, Adam, has been posting letters on his blog.  They are letters they he has written to people who have been important to him.  They are letters of thanks for what each of these people have meant to him.  All of this thankfulness has of course gotten me to thinking of all for which I have to be thankful.
            If I were to try to make a list of all of my thankfulness, it could go on forever.  Everyday there is some new thing in my life.  So, rather than starting an endless list, I want to say, that I am thankful for all persons, places, things and events that God has placed in my life, because these have all brought me to this place and time and formed me into the person that I am.

            As I was sitting in worship service this last Saturday and listening to Pastor Lee’s question, “What do you fear?”; a thought popped into my mind and I quickly wrote the following. 
I thought I was drowning in debt when I was awash in a sea of blessings.
My soul felt shriveled and starved even as I sat at the Lord’s banquet table.
Because when my eyes were full of fear, I could not see the daily miracles around me.
Then the God of all creation spoke to my heart and said, “Do not be afraid.”

Monday's forecast for Grimes, Iowa:  Mostly Sunny, High 57, Low 34
Forecast for Cedar Park, Tx:  Mostly Cloudy, High 80, Low 67
Forecast for Miami, Fl: Mostly Cloudy, High 82, Low 75
Any questions as to why I want to spend next winter in Texas?

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