Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 January 03

The office was closed for the New Years holiday but the clubhouse was open.  So, Ella worked from eight to one yesterday. 
The fence around the front of our RV blew down in the 58 mph winds on New Years Day.  It also tore loose some of the insulation around the front.  The insulation has been held back in place by the handyman’s friend (duct tape).  I was going to try to put our fence back up.  However, I think I'll wait for the wind to die down even more before I try to handle those sections by myself.  It appears that Thursday is going to be just wonderful for outdoor projects, with a predicted high of fifty-four and wind speeds of less than ten mph.
When we went to Home Depot to buy Gorilla Duct Tape (I love this stuff), Ella found a set of solar patio lights with candy-cane stripes.  The set of six was less than ten dollars.  They match our North Pole pole just fine.
We have some running to do today, now that the banks and government offices are open again. I need to turn in licenses plates for the RoadRanger fifth-wheel, which will never travel the roads again.  I’m also putting our van (that hasn’t been driven in a year) into storage.  Then I’ll pay for the truck licenses tags at the same time.  I also want to stop at Veteran’s Hospital and get signed up for my prescription through them.  I tried to do that months ago.  However, I wasn’t able to prove I was a veteran because I didn’t know where my discharge papers were.  I finally received a copy of the form and will take it to them.

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