Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 January 06

            Pretty sunrise this morning.  I took several photographs at different stages of the sunrise.

             We had a high of 64 yesterday and are supposed to reach the 50s today.  Winter in the Midwest!?!  Two years ago I had a six foot drift in front of my door.  I think I’ll believe in global warming (for a day or so … until next week when we’ll be back in the freezer.)
            Busy day.  Ella’s doctors appointment (check up) at eight.  Then breakfast at Denny’s.  Then to Aspen Dental to set up and appointment for Ella.  Then to Broadlawns Hospital to request copies of my medical records.  (Two copies: one for me when we’re traveling and one to take to the VA Hospital).  A stop at Sam’s club for a fill of gasoline.  Then to Dollar Tree to shop for Christmas stuff.  From there, on to Home Depot followed by Target for Christmas stuff and a few groceries.  Then to Dollar General for more Christmas gifts.  Before coming home, we stopped at the Camp office to pay for the repairs done on our RV furnace.  If you follow us on Facebook you would have been able to track us as we checked in  almost everywhere we went.
           Once home, I sat down to balance out the check book and update the budget.  In the mean time, Ella has been busy putting various things into space bags.  She is now sitting at the table and sorting her meds for the coming week.  I filled my pill cases this morning before we left for her Dr. appointment.

            I was going to take advantage to the good weather to empty grey and black tanks on the Hitch Hiker and refill the freshwater tank.  But they are a long ways from needing it so I’ll wait a few more days as the forecast is for this unseasonably warm weather to last through next Tuesday.
            Ella works three hours this evening at the clubhouse.  I’ll either watch TV or get caught up on reading some of the blogs that I try to follow.

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