Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 January 04

            The holidays have my time sense (which isn’t that good anyway) really messed up!  Yesterday felt like Sunday and today felt like Friday.  How can it be Wednesday?  For that matter, how can this be January 4, 2012?  We are snowless in Iowa and expecting sixty-two degrees tomorrow.  That ain’t raught!  It jess ain’t raught!  (Do you know how hard I had to fight autocorrect to write ‘ain’t’?  Let alone ‘raught’ instead of ‘right’?  It took ‘jess’ without trying to change it to ‘just’. Whadup wit dat? )
            Okay, enough with trying to write in conversational English.  If I keep it up, people will start to think I can’t spell any better than ninety-nine percent of the people who text and tweet.  It makes me rant and rave when I try to read what they’ve written.  Well, to be honest, I’d like to choke them like Homer chokes Bart!  I realize that there are these shortcuts like ‘r u 1 2’.  However, people that write things such as, “i wz 2 yr plc las nit an kodnt fin from the fron dr 2 the bak bcuz sombudy wz in the driv du u no what they doin there van smoke lik on fire codnt breate for lik 20 mints afer i got hom.”, should be neutered.  I don’t care if it is ‘nurture or nature’ these people should not be allowed to procreate.
            Well, I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about today, when I started.  It took a turn that I hadn’t expected.  I guess I had some repressed issues to iron out today.  That is now out of the way and I can go on with the rest of the blog.
            So, as I said so long ago now, I could not believe that today was Wednesday.  We were asked a few days ago if we could babysit the great-granddaughters today.  We, of course, said ‘yes’.  What that ‘yes’ meant was that we had to get up about five this morning so we could be in Ankeny by six.  
          I took Charlotte to school at eight-thirty this morning and then went on into Des Moines for our Men’s Bible Study.  I was just about fifteen minutes late for the study but it was a great study featuring Kyle Petty.  Now I’m not a race fan but I had at least heard of the Pettys.  He spoke about how his faith has guided his life since he was about fourteen years old.
            Then, I went back to my grandson’s and played with Lorelia until mid afternoon.  She is such an imp!  She will be four this coming spring, but she sounds so grown up when she talks.  Today she told me to take a nap.  I said I needed a blanket.  She said, "There is one in the ottoman."  I ask if there was a blanket in the hassock.  She thought a second and said, "Um we don't have a hassock."  What three year old throws around words like ottoman and hassock?
            On another note:  I’m so glad that the Iowa Caucus is over with.  I think I’d like to move to the state which has the ‘last chance’ to pick who the candidate(s) is/are. It is just because I would not have to live with the additional year of campaigning that Iowan’s live with.
            Well, I’ve rambled on for long enough.  Please leave a comment so that I know you’ve visited.  You can just say, “Hey!”

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