Friday, August 13, 2010

August 12 & 13

Here is what our marsh looks like when it isn't flooded and part of the lake.

August 12

Today Ella did laundry at the clubhouse while I worked around the North Pole. I took Christmas decorations (from Christmas in July) back over to storage. I picked up a few groceries for lunch tomorrow (corn on the cob and Muscatine melons). As I vacuumed I rearranged some of the furniture to make it a little neater looking. We are really excited about Heather and Mike coming to visit. This will be the first time that Heather has seen where we live. It is also the first time that we get to meet Mike.

- - -

Heather called last night to get directions. We were going through the Dairy Queen drive through when Heather called. I told her that I could give her the address for her GPS but she said she was driving (coming from her mother’s house) and that I could give it to Mike. I told her I was driving and Ella could give it to Mike. He couldn’t find anything to write with so they called back later after they got to Grandma Wilson’s apartment. Grandma is in rehab after suffering double pneumonia.

When she called, I gave Heather driving directions and Ella sent the address for the GPS by text to her iphone.

- - -

The weather report is for severe thunderstorms to our north (up stream) with heavy rain fall. So, even though they aren’t talking about storms here tonight, all that water will be passing through here and adding to the flooding already taking place.

- - -

August 13


And it is a lucky day because Heather and Mike will be here shortly. I have the turkey bacon cooked and the coffee made. I’m ready to start pancakes as soon as they call to say they’re awake.

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