Thursday, August 12, 2010

August 12 2010

Amazing!  No rain last night.  I've come to expect it - how sad is that?
On Facebook my niece, Aron, posted this photo of the street/stream in front of her house on the east side of Des Moines. 
My ex on the south side was with out power and so the sump pump didn't work and she has/had water in the lower level of the split level.

Heather had posted on Facebook that they had reached Oklahoma City (about 3 hours ago).  They should make it back to Iowa today.  After driving for umpteen hours they'll need to sleep and recover. 

Amber just called while I was writing this blog.  She was on the way to her new house to do some painting.  She is becoming stressed out by the construction delays.  They've given up their apartment lease at the end of this month and the house isn't ready (no toilet) to move into.  Fortunately they have friends in the area that will give them shelter when they become displaced.

The Iowa State Fair starts today.  I have no plans to go though.  The arthritis in my feet curtail doing much walking or standing. And besides that, we have some straighting up to do before Heather & Mike get here.  The 'greats' are like miniature indoor storms and it takes some cleaning after they leave!

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