Thursday, September 8, 2011

September 08 2011

            Ella and I spent the morning looking at RVs.  We’ve been looking on various RV dealer web-sites as well as on Craig’s List.  Well today we decided to go into Des Moines and do some walk throughs.  Our first stop was Autorama RV.  We went their because they have such a crappy website.  Thee is so little information posted on the site about their units (no prices, no pictures of interiors, and very little technical information).  So, I guess, they have found a unique way for their website to drive customers to the lot!
            We went into the sales office and talked to Dennis (he called himself ‘the menace’ which was good for name recall).  We told him the parameters of what we were looking for: 2000 or newer, $10,000 or less, rear kitchen, travel trailer, at least one slideout and less than 30 foot.
            So, he showed us 2002 Sierra, rear kitchen, single slide for $10,000 and a 5th wheel.  I really liked it.  Ella liked it.  Oh oh! We both liked it.  Then he showed us a 33 foot, travel trailer, rear kitchen, single slide and $15,400.  Then we looked at a Hitch Hiker II, 1997, 5th wheel, single slide, side kitchen, four season package for $11,500.  Ella really liked it!  I liked it – but not as much as the Sierra.  So, back to the Sierra to look at it again.  I liked the rear kitchen with more counter space than the Hitch Hiker.  I liked the layout of the Sierra.  Ella really liked the Hitch Hiker!  I took a bunch of pictures of the Sierra and then back to the Hitch Hiker.  I took a bunch of pictures of the Hitch Hiker.  I really liked the pantry slideout shelving in the HH,  I really liked the mattress in the HH.  The HH had new tires (no small expense on a 5th wheel).  I liked the table and chairs in the HH over the booth and table in the Sierra.  The HH had huge storage in the underbelly garage. The HH was four season with heated and enclosed holding tanks where the Sierra was a 3 season with enclosed but unheated holding tanks.  I really liked the HH!
            We put a down payment on the HH.

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