Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2011 December 13

            We slept in this morning.  Neither of us were up before 8:30.  I made coffee and Ella made breakfast (one egg, one bacon, one toast – apiece).  I worked on the checkbook and budget while she got her pills organized for the next week.
            She was running low on one of her prescriptions so we went to WalMart for a refill.  We paid $4 for what we were paying $8.98 at Walgreens.  While we were there I also bought a new knee brace.  The one I’ve been wearing doesn’t want to stay on me any more, the Velcro keeps letting go.  I paid half of what I paid at Hammer Medical for this brace and it is much more convenient to use.
            From WalMart we headed into Johnston to the senior center for lunch, BBQ pork sandwich, lima beans, peaches and cookie.  There was also a cold diced carrot with onion that Ella ate and liked.  Because of my onion allergy, after taking one bite and finding the onions, I didn’t eat it.
            Now we are home for a nap and getting caught up on reading, writing and watching.

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